CCTV Cameras for Audio Recording – Things to Remember

CCTV cameras are not new; they have been used for years for security purposes, but they are now being used more widely than ever before. This is due to the fact that they are extremely helpful in mitigating risks and ensuring safety, both in public and private spaces. The features of CCTV cameras have also improved over the years and they boast added functionalities, such as audio recording, which was not available before.

It sounds like a great idea that you can record both audio and video with CCTV cameras, but privacy of the people being recorded also needs to be taken into account. Therefore, before you decide to go ahead and use CCTV cameras for audio recording, you need to have the answer to this important question; is it legal to record audio on CCTV in the UK? The answer to this question can depend on the location where it needs to be used as well as the purpose.

Generally speaking, recording audio on CCTV is highly intrusive, due to which it is considered illegal in the United Kingdom, but there are some exceptions that have been made. In some situations, recording of audio on CCTV is allowed because it is needed for safety purposes, or for some other justifiable purposes. However, there are still requirements to be fulfilled before this is allowed.

If a business is using CCTV cameras for recording audio at the workplace, they would not only have to inform everyone, similar to when only CCTV cameras are used, but also get their consent for recording audio. Most importantly, they would have to have a strong and acceptable reason for audio recording before they can go ahead and do so. If they do not, then legal action can be taken against the business because it will be a breach of privacy.

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